Asian American Freedom PAC

Asian American Freedom PAC

Asian American Freedom PAC Asian American Freedom PAC Asian American Freedom PAC

Supporting our future leaders today!

About Us

Asians fastest growth rate in U.S.

The Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI)  population has grown 72% since 2000 to 20.4 million, the fastest rate of any major ethnic group in the U.S.

Asian voters and candidates are becoming politically strategic in statewide and national campaigns.

The AAPI Community has deep cultural  traditions for strong families, educational advancement, fair economic opportunities and safe communities; values  we believe are more in line with conservative American values.

Community engagement

Asian American Freedom PAC is a registered, unaffiliated Political Action Committee.  

Our State and Federal PACs support Asian American conservative candidates running for elective office in California and national campaigns.  

We seek to recruit, mobilize and fund endorsed, conservative AAPI  candidates who will energize our communities and represent issues that impact all Americans. 

A new beginning...

Asians, in recent years, have ventured outside of traditional fields into elective offices in statewide and national races throughout the U.S.

We encourage the participation, support and inclusion for Asian Americans seeking public service.

Supporting our future leaders today...


Serving Our Community

We believe in the importance of giving back and supporting our communities.  Our members are active in promoting educational, cultural and youth activities. 

The political landscape is rapidly changing.  Asian American Freedom PAC believes in the importance of having diversity and equal opportunities for Asian Americans seeking public service.


United By A Common Goal

We seek to affirm our basic cultural roots of strong family values, religious and individual freedoms, equal educational/economic opportunities and safe communities where we can raise our families.

We are an immigrant community that understands America's role in upholding the promise of prosperity and freedom to all who are willing to abide by its' laws and are willing to work together to ensure it's freedoms.


Get Involved

We understand the cornerstone of these freedoms lies in a government that allows equal access to opportunities in education, employment, housing and public service. 

We resist the political constraints and media contrived notions that Asians vote as a monolithic block. We celebrate diversity of culture and ideas. We resist intolerance in all its forms and celebrate the freedoms and liberties afforded to all its citizens.