Executive Board

Mark Tsuneishi



Mark has been active in  community, church and political events assisting numerous campaigns including manager for George Chen, Torrance City Council and Dr. Kenneth Wright, CA 33rd Congressional district.  

He has coordinated numerous events for political candidates and community non-profits.

He founded an evangelical event;  UNIFYLA in 2015 at the LA Staples center to bring about peace in our inner city communities.  

He is President / Founder of: 

Asian American Freedom PAC

Asian American Republicans 


South Bay Youth (SBY) basketball. 

Member:  CA GOP Delegate,

LA GOP,  66th AD Republican Central Committee,  Beach City Republicans, Action Republicans.

Business owner - 

Tsuneishi Insurance Agency

Everock Insurance Services

(Fmr) Commissioner - City of Torrance

Political Consultant  

Jon Kaji


Vice President

Executive Director - Fundraising

Jon is a USC Business Graduate who was an appointee under President George Bush (President's export council) and Director of CA office of Trade & Investment under 

Gov. Pete Wilson.

He was a member of CA commission for Economic Development under 

Gov. Schwarzenegger.  

Jon has had an active role in the non-profit, church and senior communities for decades. 

Board of Governors - Japanese American National Museum. 

Real Estate Developer - 

Kaji & Associates

Christine Williams


Executive Director 

Public Relations

CA-GOP Delegate

Member of New Majority

Trump Campaign leader for

Palos Verdes, CA.  

Dr. Wright Campaign leader for Palos Verdes, CA

Christine immigrated from Taiwan and has lived throughout the world. She  is an active supporter, organizer and  donor to Republican candidates and events.  

She promote events for political candidates and the Republican party through her list of hundreds of supporters.  She has a BA degree in Graphic Arts and Psychology.

Self Employed - Real Estate Investor.

Andrew Reeder


Executive Director

Governmental Affairs

Andy has been actively involved in Republican events, CPAC and others events in Japan and in D.C. 

He is active in assisting statewide races in CA and in the AAPI community.

Asian American Political Strategist. Public Relations for Donald Trump. 

Allan Ku Wright


Executive Director

Social Media / Website

Allan originally hales from South Africa and has assisted numerous Republican events throughout California. 

He has extensive experience in social media and webdesign.  He is active in assisting and promoting Republican events in California and has a large, social media presence.

Manages: Make California Again, Inc. Chinese Coalition

Chinese medicine practitioner

Real Estate

Thomas Maciejewski


Executive Director

Legal Counsel

Studied Law at UCLA.

Tom is invaluable as our compliance officer and legal counsel. He has been active in Republican causes and has assisted in other campaigns in the Los Angeles area. 

Law office of Thomas E. Maciejewski


Kevin Wen


Executive Director

Campaign Consultant

Kevin has managed teams on behalf of numerous California conservative political campaigns and local ballot initiatives, referendums

 and political PACs.

Kevin has worked as a Political Director for Assemblyman Travis Allen, Campaign Manager to Steve Napolitano, and Deputy Campaign Manager to Tyler Diep.  

Deepak Sahni


Executive Director


Deepak received his BA in Political Science at UCLA.  Field Researcher at America Rising Corporation. Experienced in grassroots organizing, activism, public speaking and international relations.

Active in Young Americans for Liberty. 

Founder: Indian-American Republicans

Asian American Director - Dana Rohrabacher campaign.

Edwin Duterte

Edwin Duterte
Executive Director - Events

Executive Director


Edwin is an former candidate for Congress, business man and has worked on a number of campaigns both in Nevada and California. 

Edwin is President of the California Republican Assembly - El Segundo.

He is founder of TheViralPublicity.com 

Edwin has extensive contacts, social media and event planning experience both in Nevada and California. 

Lori Quan


Executive Director


Lori worked as a financial consultant for Arthur Anderson. Former branch manager for Chinatrust bank.  MBA - Pepperdine Business School. 

She is former treasurer of the 

George Chen for City Council Campaign and assisted in the Arun Bhumitra CA Senate race and Dr. Ken Wright's  Congressional race. 

She is an immigrant from Taiwan who has extensive community service and business experience in the Asian community. 

She serves as Vice President of a major Asian bank. 

First Vice President - 

Preferred Bank

Ronald Mataalii


Executive Board Member

Ron has worked on a number of fundraising events, campaigns for local candidates running for office.  

He has assisted the youth in the community as a coach on basketball and softball teams. 

He serves on a Strategic Long term planning commission for the city of Torrance as is currently a Park and Recreation Commissioner for the City of Torrance. 

Marlene Silva

Marlene SIlva

Executive Board Member 

Marlene has been instrumental in utilizing her marketing and business talents in the area of event planning and fundraising. She is actively involved in a number of Republican and conservative organizations including AD66 Central Republican Committee and Latinos for Trump. 



Advisory Board Member

Advisory Board Member

San Francisco, California

Margaret serves her community as an active supporter of community and charitable events in Northern California. 

She is active in her church and, along with her husband Ted, are supporters of the arts and other civic activities in San Francisco. 



Advisory Board Member

Arlington, Texas

Herman is a pastor and CEO / President of Emerging Leaders International. 

Herman has served as a pastor at Nations Worship center in Fort Worth, TX and is the president of the Asian Action Network. 

He was a member of President Trump's AAPI advisory committee and is  one of 12 selected to the White House Advisory commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. 



Advisory Board Member

Washington D.C.

Puneet is a consultant at the Livingston Group which is an advocacy group based in Washington D.C.  

He is also a managing partner at New World Strategies based in Washington D.C.

He serves on President Trump's Asian Pacific Advisory Committee.  Puneet's expertise has enabled him to assist international companies seeking to enter U.S. markets. 



Advisory Board Member

San Diego, California

Marlo has a media background in Communications, Film and Television and has a passion for Christian advocacy.

She has served in the community advocating for women's rights issues.

Marlo is a University of Michigan graduate.



Advisory Board Member

Santa Clara, California

Peter is a business owner in Northern California who was a Republican candidate for 2016 California State senate (District 17) as well as a 2014 congressional candidate for District 10.

He is currently the Vice Chairman of the California Republican party.