Education is the cornerstone of Asian American culture. We believe all students should be judged solely on the

basis of merit. 

We reject any policy that denies 

a child an opportunity for advancement on the basis of their race, background, religion or culture. 

We support school choice, including: vouchers, charter schools and 

home schooling. 

The path to economic success and our nation’s future rests on the ability of our young people to have access to the finest educational institutions. 



We believe in free markets, lower taxes which stimulates business reinvestment  and streamlined governmental regulations which promotes a healthy business climate.  

Asians Americans invest or start small businesses as a way to support their families, employees and local communities. 

Many have fled other countries for the freedoms and opportunities that America affords to all.

We have seen first hand the benefits of education and economic freedom which has raised the standard of living for our families and communities.



We advocate for sound policies that protects our children and communities. We understand that our government's first and foremost job is to protect its citizens. 

We support our police and  existing laws to curtail violence in our schools and communities. 

We support the  2nd amendment and the right of law abiding citizens to protect themselves.

We support candidates who will pass or support meaningful legislation that ensures violent offenders are not released prematurely back into 

our communities. 

We support a strong military to ensure America remains a strong leader in the free world. 



We are a nation of immigrants and are sympathetic to the plight of those who come to this country seeking better opportunities.  

The Asian population in the United States has grown significantly since 2000 and they are projected to be the largest immigrant  group by 2055.  

We support and encourage meaningful immigration policies that include secure borders and enforcing current policies that will safeguard our nation. 



We strongly defend the rights of all Americans to express their 

1st amendment rights. 

We understand that, while differences may exist between us, we respect the free exercise of one's viewpoint regardless of race, religion, political ideology or background. 

As great as our differences may appear,  we support a non-violent and peaceful means to resolve any conflicts that may arise. 

We encourage diversity and tolerance of thoughts, cultures, religion and ideals for all Americans.